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Learn English Thursday

Posted by Iteachenglish2u on December 4, 2014 at 4:25 PM

Tricky words explained.

1. Adverse and averse

Adverse means harmful or unfavorable.

Examples from the learner’s dictionary:

He had an adverse reaction to the medicine. [=he reacted badly to the medicine; the medicine had a bad effect on him]

Many fear that budget cuts will have an adverse [=damaging] effect on education.

Averse refers to feelings of dislike or opposition

From learner’s dictionary:

He seems to be averse to exercise.

No one is more averse to borrowing money than he is.

— often used in negative statements

She is not averse to taking chances. [=she is willing to take chances]

2. Affect and effect

Affect means to influence.

Effect means to accomplish something

Using effect or affect can be tricky. For example, a company can affect changes to society by influencing them. Or The company can effect changes by directly implementing them.

Use effect if you're making it happen, and affect if you're having an impact on something that someone else is trying to make happen.


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